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Psychotherapy & EMDR Therapy

Within a container of safety and compassion, therapy will improve your connection to your Self and to all of your parts, as well as your connection to others. I invite you to be vulnerable in a safe space as we work collaboratively towards unlocking your inner wisdom and healing process.


Estoy aqui para ayudarte a mejorar tu conexion contigo mismo/a y con todas tus partes, asi como a tu conexion con los demas. Terapia puede ayudarte a vivir mas plenamente, con valentia y compasión hacia ti mismo y hacia los demas. Te invito a un espacio seguro adonde trabajaremos juntos para encontrar tu sabiduria interior y encaminar el proceso de sanación.

"The wound is the place where light enters you."   (Rumi)

Taking the step towards healing is a courageous one. 

Where do I begin? 

Please feel free to call me for an appointment at 707-480-6494

and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

You can also email me and we can set up a time to talk by phone. 



Heal and Improve



Find Relief

from Symptoms

Address Parenting Issues to Promote Healthier Relationships

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